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2018 ICPC 徐州赛站网络赛 B.BE,GE or NE 博弈论+记忆化搜索


In a world where ordinary people cannot reach, a boy named "Koutarou" and a girl named "Sena" are playing a video game. The game system of this video game is quite unique: in the process of playing this game, you need to constantly face the choice, each time you choose the game will provide 1−3 options, the player can only choose one of them. Each option has an effect on a "score" parameter in the game. Some options will increase the score, some options will reduce the score, and some options will change the score to a value multiplied by −1 .

That is, if there are three options in a selection, the score will be increased by 1, decreased by 1, or multiplied by −1. The score before the selection is 888. Then selecting option 1 will make the score become 9, and selecting option 2 will make the score 7 and select option 3 to make the score −8. Note that the score has an upper limit of 100 and a lower limit of −100. If the score is 99 at this time, an option that makes the score

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