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HDU-5441 Travel 贪心+加权并查集


Jack likes to travel around the world, but he doesn’t like to wait. Now, he is traveling in the Undirected Kingdom. There are n cities and m bidirectional roads connecting the cities. Jack hates waiting too long on the bus, but he can rest at every city. Jack can only stand staying on the bus for a limited time and will go berserk after that. Assuming you know the time it takes to go from one city to another and that the time Jack can stand staying on a bus is x minutes, how many pairs of city (a,b) are there that Jack can travel from city a to b without going berserk?


The first line contains one integer T,T≤5 , which represents the number of test case.

For each test case, the first line consists of three integers n,m and q where n≤20000,m≤100000,q≤5000 . The Undirected Kingdom has n cities and m bidirectional roads, and there are q queries.

Each of the following m lines consists of three integers a,b and d where a,b∈{1,...,n} and d≤100000 . It takes Jack d minutes to trav

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